Ever feel like you don’t belong?

No matter how much you try or how much you change you still feel the same way?

Being able to fit in with my own family has always been a struggle for me & it shouldn’t be a struggle for anyone. I always felt left out no matter how hard I tried I still failed, I only wanted to make them proud of everything I’d achieved.

Slowly I’ve started to pick myself back up after having a tough few days and I thought I don’t need to change for anyone I am me & they need to accept it. I’ve been at my lowest & still got up every day for work etc. It’s been really hard & without my closest friends & other family members I wouldn’t of got where I am today.

I will be forever grateful for all the help & support I’ve been given I couldn’t thank people enough for listening & understanding. They’ve all been amazing.

Anyone out there that’s struggling talk about it & never change!

Stay true to who you are 💖

Tuesday evening 😌

Good evening 😊 happy pancake day! 🥞

This little lady is very tired from her walk tonight & last night. Who doesn’t love a dog walk or a walk in general?

I never used to because of being so tired from work but I soon realised that it helps me shake off the days stress so much. I come home feeling relaxed & ready for bed I don’t have any worries from the days events. I got so used to over thinking at night & never being able to sleep. I became so exhausted that I couldn’t concentrate on every day tasks & nobody needs that when having a full time job.

I thought right I’ve had enough so off I went every night for just 20 minutes walking Millie & I’ve never felt better! It’s made a huge difference & I’m so glad I’m continuing walking her. Yes all dogs need exercise it’s the best thing for them but since her leg operation I couldn’t risk taking her too long.

I’d encourage everyone to do more walking even for less than 20 minutes who can’t spare that? Just a quick walk with lots of fresh air blowing the cobwebs away will do you the world of good.

It’s really helped with my depression, it’s stopped me from over thinking, feeling guilty and feeling down because once you are down it can sometimes be very hard to get back up so this has been a way to stop me from feeling depressed & I hope it helps others to stop feeling down too but when we are it feels great talking about it because lots more people out there are going through it too.

Thankyou so much for reading 😁

Goodnight 💖

That Monday feeling

Good morning & a happy Monday 😊

I feel like I’ve blinked & the weekend has disappeared 😫 I’ve started off my Monday with a buttered croissant 🤤 how do you start of your Monday? I’d love to know what everyone’s up to.

Back to being a nursery nurse all week it does get stressful but so rewarding at the same time I work with babies so any age from birth to two years old I love watching them grow & reach each milestone. I love helping them learn & develop through play, we have lots of walkers at the moment so it’s lovely when younger babies start so we can start all over again & help encourage then to crawl, stand, walk & talk.

I found it very challenging at times but when your lucky enough to have an amazing staff team everything can run smoothly with the odd bumps in the road like every job. I love my job every day is different with different children they learn new things every single day & it’s amazing to watch them grow until their two years old then they move to the next room.

I’d love to hear back about other people’s day/morning routine do get in touch 😊

Thanks for reading 💖

Living my best life 😄

Had a lovely weekend with the people that mean the most to me we’ve finished off the weekend with a lovely meal out at butlers leap in rugby 🍴🍹

Great for pub grub, the staff are so welcoming the food is delicious and the drinks are lush! I didn’t manage to get a pic of my main meal as I was just too hungry 😋 I love my grub too much! Proper foodie. I had a chicken, leek and cider pie with chips & peas 🤤 then a salted caramel sundae for desert & 2 woo woo cocktails! Who doesn’t love a cocktail!! 😉

The pub overall is very homely & cosy you can easily kick ur feet up & relax there’s a pool table in the bar area & a children’s corner at the other end of the pub so it really is for everyone, even when it’s busy all the staff are really relaxed & still take their time to welcome everyone.

It’s beginning to become my all time favourite pud!

Beginning of a new me…🧘‍♀️

Just recently I’ve been struggling to cope with depression, over thinking and concentration for the last few months or so I thought right its time for a new me 🤞🏼

I researched ways to relax & the things that have really helped me is clean eating, reading & yoga! We all love the internet myself included I love seeing what my friends & family are up to on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc but just taking a few minutes to an hour out of my day or read or do some yoga has really helped me & id suggest the same to anyone else struggling my closet friends have tried it & they love it especially yoga!

I love yoga i downloaded a free app it’s so easy to use & the workouts start at just 10 minutes everyone can spare 10 minutes out of their day right? It made the world of difference to me 😁 it really helped clear my mind & made me feel relaxed I slept so much better as well.

It’s amazing what 10 minutes away from the internet can really do!

Thanks for reading 💖

Waiting for summer…☀️

It’s a bit of a miserable Sunday afternoon what’s everyone’s plans for the rest of the day/weeks ahead?

A little throwback here of me & my mum from last weekend sitting outside enjoy the sun 😊 I cannot wait for summer the days get longer drinks get colder 🍹 & skin gets darker they have to be my favourite bits of summer, oh & my birthday in June not long now eek! 🙊

My first blog post

Hi happy Sunday 😊

I would just like to thank everyone that take time out of their day to read my blog I’d like to introduce my pugshire Millie she is 4 years old and has 3 legs due to being hit by a car sadly she lost her left back leg but continues to live her happy life 🐶